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Dry Eye Treatment in Greenville

A dry eye is a chronic condition caused by your eyes not producing enough natural tears. It can damage the surface of your eye over time, due to the inflammation from the irritation caused by the dryness, and even interfere with your clear vision in extreme cases. It is important to get your eyes examined and treated by our optometrists at Carolina Vision Care.

dry eyes

Our Greenville Optometrist Explains the Symptoms of Dry Eyes

Some symptoms that you may experience if have dry eyes include:

  • Burning pain in your eyes or inside your eyelids
  • Sensitivity to sunlight
  • Redness in and around the eye
  • Feeling of something being in your eye when nothing is there

If you are experiencing these things, you need to see your eye doctor, because the dry eye isn't just uncomfortable.

Once your eye doctor has diagnosed you with dry eye (as the symptoms of it can also be symptoms of other eye conditions), you will be given a treatment regiment that best suits you and how the condition presents itself on you. Different treatments work well for different people. Some patients may be able to get relief with just a regular dose of artificial tears purchased over the counter. On the other hand, you might need more intensive intervention to get the relief your eyes need. Here are some common treatments for dry eye.

Types of Dry Eye Treatment Offered at Carolina Vision Care

Restasis- This is a prescription eye drop that is used daily to treat dry eye. It does more than just provide extra moisture, as artificial tears do. It reduces inflammation of the eye and enables your body to produce more natural tears. More natural tears mean eyes that are more comfortable and healthy.

You won't get immediate relief from Restasis, though. You've got to use it for at least 90 days before you will notice any benefits from it. When you do experience the benefits, though, you will be glad you were patient and waited for them.

Steroid Eye Drops- Inflammation is a cause of some, but not all, cases of dry eye. The inflammation may even be present for years before the eyes become dry as a result of it. Artificial tears aren't enough to treat the damage done by inflammation. Steroid drops do a much better job of it because steroid medication is specially designed to eliminate, or at least reduce, inflammation of all kinds and in any part of the body.

Like Restasis, the results aren't immediate, but you can usually notice a difference after a few days of using the drops, rather than the longer wait with Restasis. Some eye doctors only use steroids short term for dry eye patients, while it is the only treatment given to other doctors; it all depends on the individual needs and medical history of the patient. Only a tiny amount of steroid is actually absorbed into the rest of the body with these drops. The majority of it stays in the eye, where it can do the healing work it is meant to do.

Steroid drops may increase the risk of developing cataracts and/or glaucoma in some patients, which is why it is only used as a short-term treatment in certain patients. Other patients can use these drops long term quite safely.

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