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Summer Eye Safety

It's Time to Think About Summer Eye Care with Our Greenville Eye Doctors

Summer’s here, but are your eyes ready for it?  Here are 5 important steps you can take toward guaranteeing your summertime eye safety, courtesy of our Greenville eye doctors.summer eye care safety from your optometrist in greenville

Insist on "UV 400" sunglasses

Some cheap sunglasses offer plenty of dark tints but skimp on the UV (ultraviolet) filtering -- an especially unfortunate combination, since it means that your dilated pupils following an eye exam receive even more ultraviolet radiation.  Always wear sunglasses that you know are rated "UV 400," meaning that they offer total protection against the entire ultraviolet spectrum (400 nanometers).  Our eye doctors offer a wide range of UV 400 sunglasses: prescription, and non-prescription.

Choose a “wrap around” sunglass style

Your sunglasses may be blocking out UV rays coming at you from the front, but UV can still enter the eye from the sides. This style extends the amount of ultraviolet and glare protection you receive to include your peripheral vision as well as your straight-on vision.

Wear a broad-brimmed hat

Okay, you've got your UV 400 wraparound sunglasses, but if you want the ultimate in summertime eye and face protection, you're not done until you put on a broad-brimmed hat. This item of apparel blocks another angle of attack: the sliver of open space at the top of your sunglass frames.

Sport swim goggles

Chlorinated water can cause significant eye redness and irritation, while non-sanitized water can expose your eyes to a host of bacteria and other infectious microorganisms. Swim goggles are a smart move for keeping your eyes free of irritants and possible infections. Our optometrists can provide you with prescription goggles that combine intelligent eye care with optimal visual clarity.

Put the contact lenses away before hitting the water

Contact lenses amplify the amount of danger posed by microorganisms to your eyes when you're in the water. These germs can become trapped behind the contact lenses, causing continuous, extended exposure to the eyes. Wear prescription goggles instead, or at least wear non-prescription goggles over your contacts.

Call Your Eye Doctor in Greenville, NC Today!

Your eye doctor in Greenville, NC offers 15 percent off a complete pair of glasses for new patients -- what better time to get some new sunglasses? Contact us at 252-752-4380 for eye care assistance at Carolina Vision Care! We look forward to meeting with you.


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