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Contact Lens Health Week

Contact Lens Health Week

Contact Lens Health Week is one of the highlights of August. This week, declared by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and partners like Carolina Vision Care in Greenville, is meant to promote proper contact lens care and reduce the incidence of dangerous eye infections.

Woman putting on contact lens

Like many other public education weeks, this one addresses a serious health issue. It is meant to remind and educate people on the importance of proper contact lens care and use.

Proper Contact Lens Care

If you have reusable contact lenses, they must be cared for according to the instructions provided by your eye doctor. Typically, this includes cleaning them daily, cleaning the case they are in, and keeping them in solution when you're not using them.

The proper usage for your contact lenses depends on which type you have. With daily wear lenses, you should take them out before you go to sleep, clean them between uses, and store them in solution when not in use. Extended wear lenses provide for continuous wear of the lenses even when asleep; however, you are at a much higher risk of complications than lenses removed on a nightly basis. Therefore, extended wear lenses are prescribed sparingly by our doctors.

Easy Care of Contact Lenses

It is never safe to skip cleaning your contact lenses. The exception is daily disposable contact lenses. With these, you put in a brand-new pair when you wake up, and just before bed, you take them out and throw them away. The next day, you use an entirely new pair. Our doctors recommend these lenses to all contact lens candidates, as they are the healthiest and most comfortable way to wear contact lenses.

Schedule a Contact Lens Exam at Carolina Vision Care

To see if you're a candidate for daily disposable contact lenses, or for tips on keeping your standard ones clean and safe, make an appointment with us here at Carolina Vision Care in Greenville, NC. We'll be glad to fit you for lenses that work with your lifestyle.


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    - Georgia L.
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    -Jennifer L.