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Signs Your Kids Might Have Vision Problems

Carolina Vision Care Shares Common Signs Your Kids Might Have Vision Problems

If you have children, caring for their vision and eye health is an important part of their healthcare needs. Here are some of the signs your child may display if they are having difficulty with their vision.

children receiving an eye exam from his optometrist in greenville

Squinting or Frequent Blinking

If you notice your child is blinking their eyes frequently, or if they are squinting often, these actions could signify your child is having trouble focusing or aligning their eyes on a target. By squinting, this may help to momentarily improve eyesight by decreasing the amount of light the eye has to focus on. Blinking is usually done in an attempt to remove a foreign object from the eye or to help refocus the eyes. It is best to contact an eye doctor for an exam if either of these signs are present.

Eye Redness or Itching

Red and/or itchy eyes can be present for several different reasons including eye allergies, rubbing of the eyes, bacterial or viral eye infections, or even a foreign object in the eye itself. Be sure to schedule a visit with an eye doctor if you are noticing your child rubbing their eyes or any unexplained redness. 

Poor School Grades Because of Vision

Many children struggle in school when they have problems with their vision. They may have trouble seeing the board from where they sit in the classroom and often avoid letting their teacher know that they cannot read the material presented to them. If your child customarily made good grades, but their grades are now seemingly declining, having an eye exam may help. If vision correction is needed, our Optometrists will prescribe corrective lenses to enhance their eyesight.  

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